Leonardo Cardenas Rey









Leo grew up on the farm of his grandfather and uncle in Floridablanca, a suburb of Bucaramanga in Colombia.

Part of the farm land turned into a flying site. From this time on the kids around were fascinated from the colorful wings in the air. One of these kids was Leo.


His dream of flying suddenly seems so close. How they do that? How is this little piece holding the pilot in the air?

Since the flying site on his uncles farm land was created, he worked and helped there almost every day to get to know as much as possible of this incredible sport.

After saving money for 7 years, he could finally buy his own glider. 

Living on the flying site he had now all the possibilities to fly and train almost every day. 

He was one of the pioneers in the aerobatic discipline in Colombia.

"Participating in an aerobatics paragliding competition" brought him the fist time to Austria.

There at the Gerlitzen mountain he had the possibly to train more aerobatics and increase his level.




1998 started to fly 


2003 tandem licence  - flying tandems in Bucaramanga


2009 instructor licence 


2009 2nd South-American champion in aerobatics paragliding


2011 - 2015 colombian national aerobatics paragliding team member


since 2015 paragliding tours to different countries --> www.paraglidingsafaris.com  


since 2017 tandem pilot at Gerlitzen 


since 2018 instructor for www.akroacademy.com