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Taking off at 1960 meters at Babadag mountain and landing at the beach. This makes Ölüdeniz a paradise for acro pilots and SIV courses. The height difference offers the possibility for safe and long training sessions. 

The SIV courses and trainings in Oludeniz take place annually with our instructor LEO. 

More information and dates of the SIVs in Turkey, you can find at our Paragliding Safaris website. --> click here


Colombia and the Cauca Valley is well known for its amazing Cross Country Flying conditions. But not just XC, also groundhandling training with laminar wind and soaring until sunset in Bucaramanga or Safety Trainings over the lake in Betania and Chivor make this country a paradise for paragliding pilots of every skill-level. 

SIVs are held all year with our instructor Harvid and assistant Jose.

Paragliding Tours with focus on progression with our instructor LEO can take place all year after individual arrangement.

More information about the tours to Colombia are available on our Paragliding Safaris website. --> click here

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